Lawyer Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza

Lawyer Mallorca and Ibiza

Lawyer Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza – The best lawyer in the Balearic Island – Lawyers Majorca and Ibiza

If you want an experienced lawyer in Spanish law resident in Palma de Mallorca, please contact Castell Lawyers. This firm can advise you and represent you in any legal issue in all the Balearic Islands.
In Castell Abogados, we highlight the professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality. We know that the commercial and codes in Spain are complex and most of times they require a Spanish lawyer with a deep knowledge of both if the costumer wants to achieve his goals in this country. If Spanish is not your native language, it may be easier to work with a lawyer who understands the content of a contract. CC Abogados is an english-speaking law firm stablished in Palma de Mallorca (Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain).

We are specialists in most of legal services. For example:

– Project manager
– Investments.
– Property transactions.
– Renovation work (project planning, licensing, contracting and construction supervision).
– Processing of any permits required for your property.
– Certificate of the building’s energy rating.
– Stock Markets – Contracts
– Litigation – Labour lawyer
– e-Commerce – Intellectual property
– Criminal Law
– Analysis of the financial feasibility and tax planning for the real estate investment and utilization.
– Legal services related to the acquisition.
– Financial management of the real estate investment.

We also provide a full range of business and legal services to international customers.
Are you doing business in Spain or do you plan to do it here? Let us show you the advantages of using a single provider for all your business needs in Spain. We are aware that many of our clients face language and cultural issues when setting up their business in Spain. That is why CC Abogados is built around filling all your needs in your language. Once you have determined the best way to establish your business -we’ll help you choose the best-, be it a resident company (SL or SA), a branch, or a nonresident company, we provide all the follow-up services you might need: accounting, payroll, tax advice, VAT registration, immigration, virtual office, and legal work. Buying a house? You don’t need to worry.
CC Abogados offers you absolutely all the services related with your property (from the purchase, construction or renovation until the maintenance control). This firm manages all these issues in a professional, efficient and centralized way, so you will have a better service and lower costs.
Why to choose CC Abogados? We are recognized for our expertise in the establishment of international businesses in the Balearic Islands. We provide the services you need AFTER your Spanish company is formed. By having corporate/tax lawyers, accountants, and payroll specialists in the same office, your business needs are covered, and information passes between them without requiring your intervention. Our expert tax planners can help minimize your tax burden, such as advising on the best way to move capital from the parent company to the new Spanish company, and how much salary the company director should receive. Our turnaround time is faster than a “Big 4” firm because of our size and use of cutting-edge technologies. We are certified by the tax authorities and by the social security office to send all documents electronically, cutting down on time, costs, and the chance of papers getting lost. CC Abogados is a leader among others law firms in taking advantage of the Spanish government’s technological initiatives.

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